A Play About Water

Water is the essence of life. 71% of our planet is covered in water. Our bodies are 70% water. The oceans are rising. Drought afflicts millions. Water heals and water soothes. Water kills and water revives. H2O will be an epic 60 minute theatrical journey performed by a cast of 23 from ‘one of the nation’s leading conservatories’ (New York Times) exploring the most important topic of the day: WATER. Are you thirsty? Come have a drink of H2O.

H2O: A Play About Water is an original devised theatre piece created by 30 students from the Acting, Musical Theatre, and Technical Production Departments at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). It has a running time of 60 minutes.

At Edinburgh Fringe

H2O will be presented in 4 performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland in the Auditorium at Central Hall (Venue 295)

4 August at 21:30
6 August at 15:30
7 August at 21:30
8 August at 19:30

Central Hall- The Auditorium
Tickets: £5
Book tickets at the Edinburgh Fringe H2O page

H2O is grateful for the generous support of UC International and CCM Power.

CCM Acting student Sarah Durham in H2O: A Play About Water at CCM. Photo credit: Kaelin Butts

At Cincy Fringe

H2O: A Play About Water will run June 2, 4, and 6, 2018, at Gabriel’s Corner as part of the 15th Anniversary Edition of the Cincy Fringe Festival‘s Fringe Development lineup.

CCM Acting students Jeremy Maislin (left) and Anastasia Jacques (right) in H2O: A Play About Water at CCM. Photo credit: Kaelin Butts


H2O: A Play About Water was performed at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in the Cohen Family Studio Theatre from April 19-21, 2018.


CCM Acting students (L-R) Chandler Bates, Graham Rogers, and Ella Eggold in H2O: A Play About Water at CCM. Photo credit: Kaelin Butts

The Team

University of Cincinnati
College-Conservatory of Music
Division of Theatre Arts, Production,
and Arts Administration

A Play About Water

With gratitude to the CCM Acting
Studio Series Season Sponsors
Neil R. Artman 
and Margaret L. Straub

Lighting Designer
Michael Ekema-Nardella*

Stage Manager
Courtney Hickenlooper*

Make-Up Designer
Cheyenne Holbert*

Sound Designer
Travis Byrne*

Music Director and
Music Arrangements by
Julie Spangler

Scenic Design
Mark Halpin

Vocal Coach
Ann Marie White

Writing team
Matt Fox*, Meg Olson*, Madeleine Page-Schmit*, Sarah Durham*, Graham Rogers*, Mafer Del Real*

Conceived and Directed by
Richard E. Hess


Assistant Director
Caroline Castleman*

Associate Director
Susan Felder

Assistant Stage Manager
Tori Merrick*

Production Assistant
Meghan Emanuel*

Technical Director
Ben Woida*

Assistant Technical Director
Will Graham*

Costume Coordinator
Abby Palen*

*Denotes CCM Student

(in order of appearance)

Water Goddess and God
Jenny Mollet and Carter LaCava

H2O Victims
Olivia Buss, Zoe Cotzias, Carlee Coulehan, Matt Fox,
Gabriela Medina, Sydney Miles, Jason Pavlovich,
and Jack Steiner

Chandler Bates, Ella Eggold, and Graham Rogers

Cleo the Fish and Sunny the Fish
Sarah Durham and Jabari Carter

Judy and Dan in a Boat
Anastasia Jacques and Jeremy Maislin

Briley Oakley, Madison Pullman, and Cameron Nalley

Waterboarding H2O and Healing H2O
Meg Olson and Madeleine Page-Schmit

Mafer Del Real


CCM Acting students, (L-R) Madeleine Page-Schmit, Jabari Carter, Matt Fox, Jason Pavlovich, Graham Rogers, Sydney Miles, Olivia Buss, Zoe Cotzias, and Carlee Coulehan, with CCM Musical Theatre student (Center) Jenny Mollet, in H2O: A Play About Water at CCM. Photo by Kaelin Butts.